The Origin of File Analytics Software

File analytics software helps organizations manage their content. In this video with Doculabs Practice Leader Joe Shepley, Joe explores the origins of file analytics software. 

4 primary functions of file analytics software:

  • Cleaning up share drives
  • Identifying sensitive data
  • Data migration
  • E-discovery and other kinds of compliance activities.

Origins of file analytics software:

  • E-discovery systems that acted like file analytics with search and dashboarding.
  • Migration tools that were intended for activities such as taking content in share drives and importing them into an enterprise content management (ECM) system. File analytics capabilities in these systems help organizations figure out what to move and what to leave.
  • Security and access software, controlling who has access to what information and which folders.
  • File analytics software from the get-go.

Doculabs video series on which type of file analytics software to use:


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