The Internet of Things Information Management

Will the Internet of Things (IOT) ever take over the business? Yeah, sure…well, maybe…so probably not.


Well, because it requires connectivity of information from disparate systems and processes, like your lights talking to your central air, talking to your refrigerator.

Stop and think about that. It sounds complicated, but it is really three simple processes that it actually makes sense to connect. When the AC is running hard, you might want to dim the power to the lights to conserve energy; then, when the AC shuts off, that might be the best time to fire the refrigerator back up.

Now think about that in the context information governance. How connected are the Risk, Compliance, Legal, and Records pieces in your organization? In most organizations, the answer is “not very well.” These functions tend to be silos in a company, each of them running autonomously and somewhat redundantly and trying to take “power” from each other, or all of these functions taking all the “power” at the same time.

What you need to be able to do before you can truly automate and make appliances of your redundant information governance tasks:

  1. Align the processes in your organization so that they’re heading in the right direction.
  2. Automate the processes to the hilt, capturing the data to provide visibility into how the functions are working (or not working).
  3. Create a standard for centralized authority across these functions that will then fuel the information shared into the business.

It sounds easy, but we all know it isn't easy to get the folks representing Risk, Compliance, Legal, and Records to get together and collaborate about the commonality of their processes nor about the amount of power that they leverage and when they leverage it.

For the record, we at Doculabs have recently been working on just this issue. To see more about our ideas on how to bring these functions together and drive better outcomes for your information governance initiatives, check out our white paper on IG 2.0.



Rich Medina
Rick Tucker
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