The Expanding Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Landscape

There is no shortage of enterprise content management (ECM) technology, and the market continues to expand — particularly in the cloud space. There are too many solutions to cover in one blog post, but below we've listed some of the major ECM solutions we see in use by our clients. 

Innovative ECM Solutions

While many of our clients look for solutions that take a more traditional approach to ECM, an increasing number are looking for innovative solutions. This innovative group includes some cloud-first solutions, but also open source solutions, and solutions with other innovative approaches to ECM. Many of the innovators are on-premises first, but can be provisioned in the cloud as well. And many are alternatives to the big, advanced ECM legacy solutions (IBM, OpenText, Documentum, and Hyland).

  • Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint Online
  • Alfresco — Open source and next gen. On-premises as well as cloud. Alfresco has been doing well over the last few years in moving from a more robust alternative to SharePoint for departmental and enterprise ECM but still operating an “inch deep mile wide,” with more transaction and process-centric ECM, involving imaging, workflow, and integration with business systems.
  • Box
  • Ephesoft  — A light capture vendor with AI-based doc automation. Not a repository vendor. Ephesoft is innovative regarding their next gen document automation, like using AI and machine learning for classification, extraction, and validation during document ingestion. There are many innovative vendors addressing intelligent document processing, but we highlight Ephesoft here as an example of the category and because, among their competitors, they distinguish themselves by being able to scan documents and by having strategic and technical integrations with the ECM platform vendors, such as Alfresco.
  • M-Files — Primarily on-premises, but it's very innovative in many other ways. They can provide content integration services through federated multi-repository support and manage-in-place capabilities, letting you manage the content in other non-M-Files repositories. Many vendors have tried to do this, but M-Files seems to be able to pull it off.
  • Nuxeo — Nuxeo Platform is an open source alternative to Alfresco.
  • SpringCM — Cloud first and open source.
  • Veeva — Cloud approach focused on pharmaceutical and life sciences. Veeva ate Documentum’s lunch in that space by providing a subset of the legacy solutions at a fraction of the pain and cost.

Traditional ECM Solutions

Numerous clients will be using their traditional ECM solutions for the foreseeable future. Some of the solutions we often see in use by our clients running on-premises implementations include:

How to Select Enterprise Software

Rich Medina
Rich Medina
I’m a Principal Consultant and co-founder of Doculabs, and the resident expert in using ECM for information lifecycle management.