The Customer Communications Management (CCM) Landscape

The customer communications management (CCM) landscape has been evolving from a static communications platform to a true multi-channel customer engagement and experience ecosystem. While some have struggled or invested the minimum, others have taken a clear stance in the market and are driving innovation and change.

Whether consolidating several disjointed solutions acquired over the years, looking to improve operational efficiencies, or driving a wholesale customer experience redesign, firms want to optimize their investments in CCM technology. Some of the key players are listed below, with a focus on the large enterprise solutions.

Key CCM Enterprise Vendors and Tools

  • Quadient Inspire – A full suite of CCM and customer experience tools for advancing your omni-channel customer engagement
  • OpenText Exstream – Although OpenText has acquired multiple tools in the last several years, Exstream is the core enterprise solution
  • Messagepoint – An emerging firm with a strong background in personalization, now with their own generation platform
  • Adobe Experience Manager – A multi-channel communications and forms platform that’s designed to integrate digital customer experiences throughout the lifecycle
  • Smart Communications – The cloud first, former CCM division of Thunderhead that now focuses directly on the CCM suite of capabilities
  • Pitney Bowes – EngageOne is their suite of CCM tools that includes the full lifecycle of communication and customer interaction
  • Topdown – Their product, INTOUCH, is a SaaS-based CCM solution with primary presence in mid-tier firms

Numerous other products exist that provide more niche-based solutions or are more specifically targeted at the small and mid-sized business market.

Focus on Your Primary Objectives When Choosing a Solution

Many firms still wrestle with the integrated suite vs. best of breed decision, and it creates significant delay and dysfunction. Clients looking for product solutions are generally trying to address one or more of the following issues:

  • Operational Efficiency: Standard communications and maintenance can take weeks or months and cost thousands of dollars for even the simplest change.
  • Omni-channel Experience: Print, web, email and mobile experiences are often still vastly different and totally disconnected.
  • Consistency and Compliance: Increases in the number of channels and avenues for communication have complicated the effort to provide consistent and compliant messaging in every channel.
  • Digital Transformation: Organizations are bringing their communications and engagement activities up to the same level of digital capability as their transactional experiences.

My advice: Clearly defining objectives and priorities based on the issues you intend to address will help you choose the best product solution. Once the organization is aligned to the stated priorities, churn and internal delay can be avoided or certainly minimized.

How to Select Enterprise Software

Rich Medina
Tom Roberts
I’m a Principal Consultant for Doculabs with more than 25 years experience, focused on delivering strategies that improve clients’ enterprise content management capabilities, with an emphasis on customer communications management strategies.