Take Our Survey: Does Your Privacy Compliance Program Measure Up?

Over the past year, the number of privacy breaches has just kept growing. What are you doing to protect your customers’ (and employees’) privacy, especially in light of compliance regulations such as GDPR? How does your privacy compliance program measure up?

Benchmark  your privacy & information governance priorities.

Doculabs is conducting a short survey to better understand privacy and its relationship to information governance within and across multiple industries.

Click here to take the survey. 

This important research will allow you to benchmark your privacy compliance program against your peers across multiple industries.

The survey, which will take  approximately 5 minutes to complete, will  establish benchmarks in several important areas, including:

  • Program maturity 
  • Privacy staff, leadership and responsible parties 
  • Alignment with InfoSec, legal and governance / compliance 
  • The use of tools, such as file analytics, data loss prevention and more 
  • Requests to purge data 

If you participate, you’ll receive results before the general public. And  you’ll have an opportunity for a one-on-one review of  how  your results  compare with your peers.   

Discover  how to improve your privacy compliance program through information governance.

Once the privacy compliance program survey is closed. Doculabs will compile and publish the results.

Respondents who provide contact information will receive the raw results of the survey responses, as well as  the  Doculabs analysis. 

You also will have the option at the end of the survey to request a conversation with a Doculabs consultant about your organization’s specific privacy benchmark results.  

We invite you to participate in the survey by clicking here. 

 Your survey responses will be kept private.

Results will be kept strictly confidential. Information only will be shared in the aggregate.

No individual respondent names or company names will be revealed in our summary and analysis.

Doculabs is independently fielding the privacy survey with the sponsorship support of Active Navigation. 


Rich Medina
Jim Polka
I’m a Principal Consultant. My expertise is in security-based information management and strategic deployment of ECM technologies.