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Information Management Practices in the Energy and Utilities Sectors—The Core Principles

A solid, integrated information management and information security plan is essential to help utility and energy companies overcome competitive obstacles, grow and succeed. […]

Differing Content Migration Strategies: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

There can be varied approaches to content migration, even within the same company. Content migration—even within the same company—is never standard. When it comes to your content migration strategy,... […]

Information Management Basics at DSF ‘18

Information management and governance is a constantly changing field. Here, in the first two days of the conference, we’re producing a track and presenting sessions that cover the most up-to-date... […]

Fixing the Marketing Content Lifecycle: Part 2 - Address the Challenges

In Part 1 of this two-part series, I reviewed many of the challenges that organizations (particularly financial services firms) face regarding how they manage content associated with their marketing... […]

Fixing the Marketing Content Lifecycle: Part 1 - Understand the Challenges

I’ve been looking at how organizations in the financial services sector can improve their marketing content lifecycle, (how they create, manage, and deploy their marketing content, and how they... […]

Video: What to Do With Abandoned Data

Abandoned, or "orphaned" data, is content sitting out on public shares that has no owners. It might be associated with a department that no longer exists, or an individual that no longer works for... […]

Records Retention and Sensitive Data Identification

When it comes to your organization’s information security, risk surface is a critical factor. The less data available for bad actors to find and pilfer, the lower the risk to the organization. […]

Consolidating Content Repositories: Some Common Themes

For those Doculabs clients who find themselves struggling with content stored in a multitude of different repositories, many are asking, “James, what’s the best approach to consolidating our content?... […]