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We Cracked the Code With Guidewire – Now You Can Extract FULL Value From Your Investment

Guidewire is a useful, powerful tool for the P&C industry, but it does have one real flaw.   What is it?  An inability to get useful insights from the mountains of data within Guidewire about your... […]

Doculabs’ New Production Control Tower Solution Provides Manufacturers Previously Impossible Insights into Shopfloor Performance

April 14, 2022 – Chicago – Doculabs, a management consulting firm and 2021 Celonis Americas Region Services Partner of the Year, announces the release of its Production Control Tower Solution. Built... […]

What's Your Process' Kryptonite? Be Your Company's Superman and See the X-Ray of Your Process

CFOs don’t have a comprehensive view of the key business metrics as data is spread across multiple systems. This lack of insight hamstrings efforts to address overlapping and ongoing financial... […]

Against the Data: Newman Was Wrong, But Does His Analysis of NFL Data with Celonis Reveal Why the Bengals Lost?

We were wrong. Well, Newman was. He thought the Bengals were going to pull out a win, partly based on running NFL data through Celonis’ process mining platform (read the blog here, you can scroll... […]

Process Mining from Celonis Brings Order to the Chaos of Marketing Content Creation

Marketing functions in large enterprises manage 1000s of projects a year including the creation of sales collateral, email messages and campaigns, web assets, videos, etc. The underlying workflows... […]

Can You Use Data Revealed by Celonis Process Mining to Predict the Super Bowl?

Winning the Super Bowl is hard. It takes skill, determination, and luck. When we were thinking about a fun way to show off process mining and Celonis, we saw football as a way to show the power of... […]

Track These Key KPIs to Improve Your Loan Process

This article describes the most important KPIs (key performance indicators) to understand and target when you are trying to optimize the processes in loan origination. More generally, it illustrates... […]

Process Mining Identifies Waste in your Inventory Management

Streamlining Inventory management is a key strategy CFOs can get behind as they work to reduce risk and free up cash as inflationary pressures continue. Over the previous three articles (scroll down... […]

Metadata, Process Mining, and Claims -- Our 5 Most Popular Posts of 2021

As we roll into 2022, here's a look back at our most popular posts of 2021. Whether you missed them when we originally published them or want to read them again (they are good, though we are... […]

How Process Mining Can Streamline Procurement Processes to Fight Today’s (and Tomorrow’s) Economic Pressures

Stop looking at the procurement process as a cost center and instead as a strategic partner to help fight inflation. There are opportunities for process improvements throughout all levels your... […]