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Differing Content Migration Strategies: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

There can be varied approaches to content migration, even within the same company. Content migration—even within the same company—is never standard. When it comes to your content migration strategy,... […]

Can You Execute Your ECM Strategy on Box?

Box is making headways as an enterprise ECM system. Everyone knows that Box isn’t just a sync and share system. We also know that most organizations use and own more than one ECM system. […]

When Cleaning Network Drives, Avoid an Information Architecture Disaster

When cleaning up network drives, you'll need to organize documents into a new environment. The problem is too many companies end up creating an information architecture disaster. […]

Office 365 or EFSS: That Is the Question

In my previous post, "What's the Issue with EFSS," I took up the question of why many IT departments are talking about eliminating electronic file sync and share (EFSS) applications, despite their... […]

Collaboration in 2018: More Integrated, More Social

When it comes to collaboration applications in 2018, we anticipate seeing a movement toward increased integration. […]

What’s the Issue with EFSS?

For more than a decade, electronic file sync and share (EFSS) applications have become increasingly popular tools for content management, document sharing, and collaboration. Indeed, in 2017, the... […]

Office 365 Migrations: Taxonomy Development Simplified

Many of our clients are making the move to Microsoft Office 365 in the cloud, and as a result, they’re having to migrate large quantities of content. These migrations often trigger a company to take... […]

E-discovery Capabilities in Office 365 

Doculabs gets a lot of questions from clients about the various functional capabilities of Microsoft Office 365. With concerns about information governance getting more attention, e-discovery... […]

Office 365: Controlling the Uncontrollable

In my previous post, "Office 365 and the Speed of Migration,"  I provided examples of how the myriad of applications within Office 365 introduce new complexity into the lives of your end... […]

Office 365 Functional Overlap with Collaboration Tools

In a previous post, When It Comes to Office 365, Look Before You Leap, I shared my surprise at the growing number of Doculabs consulting clients that have committed to an enterprise migration to... […]