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Information Management Practices in the Energy and Utilities Sectors—The Core Principles

A solid, integrated information management and information security plan is essential to help utility and energy companies overcome competitive obstacles, grow and succeed. […]

What California’s New Privacy Law Means for Business

The California Legislature passed a tough new consumer privacy bill earlier this summer. The question is whether the Golden State now leads the nation in instituting GDPR-type rules, and what... […]

Information Governance Decision Quadrant

I was recently at the site of a financial services client, helping design its information governance program. As I do everywhere, whether the company is in financial services, utilities, healthcare... […]

Video: The Intersection of Information Security and Information Management

Why should information security care about information management? Joe Shepley provides four good reasons why information security should care about information management: Who's on the hook? Who has... […]

Video: InfoSec in Financial Services

There will be breaches. It's not a question of "if" but "when." […]

Building an IT Collaboration Strategy for Agile Environments

Nearly all of our clients have adopted agile methods. Some experiment with agile processes within IT, others are re-orienting their organizations to embrace agile methods. Whatever the approach,... […]

Does the U.S. Need GDPR?

Have you been bombarded with updated terms of service lately? Is it a way for businesses to pre-empt the U.S. Congress from passing a national GDPR-type law? Is GDPR even needed in the U.S.? […]

Information Management Basics at DSF ‘18

Information management and governance is a constantly changing field. Here, in the first two days of the conference, we’re producing a track and presenting sessions that cover the most up-to-date... […]

Video: Information Governance Lessons from Facebook and Cambridge Analytica

What the Facebook Cambridge Analytica breach teaches us about information governance. The breach of 50 million Facebook user records serves as a warning to all business. […]