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Will Digital Transformation Destroy the Concept of Content?

Digital Transformation redefines the concept of content. What does it mean when you apply Digital Transformation to the content management space? You may be shocked, but one of the most important... […]

Hot Topics at Document Strategy Forum ‘18

Here are the hottest issues in document management and governance, all in a single three-day conference! […]

The Back Office and the Digitization Myth

Is the back-office being ignored when there's a push towards digital transformation? It shouldn't be. […]

Intergenerational Wealth Management: Five Initiatives for 2018

In a previous blog post, “Intergenerational Wealth Management: What’s the Opportunity?” I  identified the significant opportunity that financial services firms face with the aging of the baby-boomer... […]

Intergenerational Wealth Management: What’s the Opportunity?

As a group, baby boomers have distinguished themselves as the wealthiest generation of Americans to date, having achieved peak levels of income and having taken advantage of a wide range of... […]

A Look Ahead at ECM in 2018, from Both the Vendor and Customer Sides

What do Doculabs consultants do in early December, when their flight back to O'Hare is delayed? […]

Multi-generational Wealth Management: Why It’s So Difficult

It’s become a significant challenge for financial service firms: how to retain the assets of their aging baby-boomer clients, when those assets are passed on to their clients’ beneficiaries. […]

Survey Snapshot: What’s Real and What’s Hype in Digital Transformation?

After years of “mobile-this” and “cloud-that,” IT marketers have switched to talking about digital transformation. […]

The Digital Transformation “Tunnel Vision” Problem

This is the final post in my series looking at factors that have kept financial services organizations from creating more TurboTax-like experiences for their customers. (For an overview of the entire... […]