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Hot Topics at Document Strategy Forum ‘18

Here are the hottest issues in document management and governance, all in a single three-day conference! […]

The Back Office and the Digitization Myth

Is the back-office being ignored when there's a push towards digital transformation? It shouldn't be. […]

Intergenerational Wealth Management: Five Initiatives for 2018

In a previous blog post, “Intergenerational Wealth Management: What’s the Opportunity?” I  identified the significant opportunity that financial services firms face with the aging of the baby-boomer... […]

Intergenerational Wealth Management: What’s the Opportunity?

As a group, baby boomers have distinguished themselves as the wealthiest generation of Americans to date, having achieved peak levels of income and having taken advantage of a wide range of... […]

A Look Ahead at ECM in 2018, from Both the Vendor and Customer Sides

What do Doculabs consultants do in early December, when their flight back to O'Hare is delayed? […]

Multi-generational Wealth Management: Why It’s So Difficult

It’s become a significant challenge for financial service firms: how to retain the assets of their aging baby-boomer clients, when those assets are passed on to their clients’ beneficiaries. […]

Survey Snapshot: What’s Real and What’s Hype in Digital Transformation?

After years of “mobile-this” and “cloud-that,” IT marketers have switched to talking about digital transformation. […]

The Digital Transformation “Tunnel Vision” Problem

This is the final post in my series looking at factors that have kept financial services organizations from creating more TurboTax-like experiences for their customers. (For an overview of the entire... […]

Digital Transformation Shakes Up Enterprise Content Management Priorities

A version of this post originally appeared on CMSWire. […]