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Multi-generational Wealth Management: Why It’s So Difficult

It’s become a significant challenge for financial service firms: how to retain the assets of their aging baby-boomer clients, when those assets are passed on to their clients’ beneficiaries. […]

Should You Use the Same System for Document Publication and Forms Processing?

Enterprises are always looking for ways to bring together the worlds of print, digital, and mobile. That’s why so many organizations are tempted to use one single customer communications management... […]

When Disaster Strikes, How Do You Communicate with Your Customers?

Even before hurricanes Harvey and Irma made landfall in recent weeks, insurers knew there was a need for rapid communication with policyholders. In an emergency or a natural disaster, forms and other... […]

Digital Transformation: The Demographic Problem

This is the second post in a series looking at what’s keeping financial services organizations from creating a more TurboTax-like experience for their customer transactions. In my previous post, I... […]

Why Can’t Our Transactions Be More Like a Turbo Tax?

TurboTax has set the bar for how digital transformation can provide customers with a delightful experience, even when they’re performing an activity as onerous as calculating their tax return.... […]

Video: Digital Transaction Processing

If you’re an insurance firm, digital transaction processing is the next new thing your customers are going to be asking for. Lane Severson discusses the benefits of this kind of processing – for both... […]

Video: Customer Communications Solutions Hosted in the Cloud

Business process outsourcing offers a new way for organizations to modernize systems and processes to deliver the capabilities customers are demanding in their communications. In this video, James... […]

Video: Customer Communication in the World of Alexa

Customer experience is a moving target, and it’s no longer just about mobile. In this video, Lane Severson provides an overview of how forward-thinking financial services firms are beginning to offer... […]

A Program Framework for Alerts and Notifications

One growing area of customer communications management (CCM) is the functionality to provide alerts and notifications: the ability for an organization to provide timely or urgent messages to its... […]