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What's Your Process' Kryptonite? Be Your Company's Superman and See the X-Ray of Your Process

CFOs don’t have a comprehensive view of the key business metrics as data is spread across multiple systems. This lack of insight hamstrings efforts to address overlapping and ongoing financial... […]

Doculabs’ New Affiliate Lean Tech Advisors Brings Deep Manufacturing Expertise

Doculabs expands its digital advisory services once again. The combination of Lean Tech’s manufacturing knowledge and Doculabs’ process automation expertise will accelerate digital transformation for... […]

Doculabs Announces Doculabs Development to Expand Technical Capabilities

Doculabs grows its digital advisory services to help companies accelerate transformations and deliver results. May 5th, 2021 – Chicago - Doculabs, a strategic consulting firm specializing in process... […]

Stop Asking the Wrong Questions

The Western Energy Institute’s Annual Meeting in Carlsbad, California had (as usual) great programming on the future of the utilities industry. The opening keynote speaker, Disney’s former head of... […]

Getting things done: 5 common organizational roadblocks

I’ve worked in corporate America for nearly 20 years — both on the inside (in IT and line of business functions) and the outside (as a consultant) — and one thing has been true for those two decades:... […]

Are You Paying Your Consultants to Learn on the Job?

Recently I read an article in Harvard Business Review titled How Consultants Project Expertise and Learn at the Same Time. The authors focused on how young management consultants (typically used by... […]

Why a Specialist is Preferable to a Big Four Consultancy in the Content Management Space

In my role at Doculabs I help current and prospective clients scope out new initiatives. I’m partially a pre-sales resource. But I also work on our delivery team to make sure that the work we deliver... […]

Everything You Know About Selecting Enterprise Software Is Wrong: Here’s How To Do It Right

As both a buyer and as a consultant, I’ve been involved in software selection for 18 years, helping buyers find the right product for their needs. I’ve seen CIOs make snap decisions with little to no... […]

When You Should Hire a Consultant

Data – whether structured or unstructured – is the most important asset for any business. Whether you decide to handle your information management project with internal resources or hire an outside... […]

Case Study: Strategy for Improved Data Governance

Doculabs helps healthcare insurance provider improve the security of its sensitive, high-risk data by developing an Enterprise Data Retention Governance and Archiving Program to be implemented across... […]