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Case Study in Content Migration: Eliminate Redundant Data

Many organizations use Office 365 or other ECM system migrations to tackle security risks. It’s a common scenario, especially these days. Wary of the security risks of content stored on shared... […]

Video: The Intersection of Information Security and Information Management

Why should information security care about information management? Joe Shepley provides four good reasons why information security should care about information management: Who's on the hook? Who has... […]

Does the U.S. Need GDPR?

Have you been bombarded with updated terms of service lately? Is it a way for businesses to pre-empt the U.S. Congress from passing a national GDPR-type law? Is GDPR even needed in the U.S.? […]

Hot Topics at Document Strategy Forum ‘18

Here are the hottest issues in document management and governance, all in a single three-day conference! […]

Video: Information Governance Lessons from Facebook and Cambridge Analytica

What the Facebook Cambridge Analytica breach teaches us about information governance. The breach of 50 million Facebook user records serves as a warning to all business. […]

Facebook’s Failure and How that Relates to GDPR

We all felt disgusted and disturbed when we learned our Facebook user data could have been harvested to target specific political audiences in the last U.S. presidential election. Sadly, this breach... […]

InfoSec in 2018: Becoming More Proactive

Every year seems to bring still more news about information security breaches. From Equifax to Intercontinental Hotels to Verizon, 2017 may well become known as the year that lived in InfoSec infamy. […]

U.S. Privacy Regulations: The Other Reason to Get Ready for GDPR

As multinational companies begin to implement General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards before the May 25, 2018, deadline, it’s worth examining the historical context which led to GDPR and... […]

CCM in 2018: New Uses, New Requirements

No surprise: Looking toward customer communications management (CCM) in 2018, we expect to see a continued focus on digital over paper where outbound communications are concerned. […]