Someone New Has Been Added

My name is Jim Polka, and I’m a new consultant at Doculabs. I’m a business strategy professional with more than 8 years of experience in business and technology.

To date, my professional focus has been on strategic planning and analysis, business process analysis, and technology selection. I’ve worked in the education, insurance, and financial services industries, on a variety of content and information management projects, and I’m excited to bring my unique perspective on strategy and information management to projects that deliver real value to our customers.

For my inaugural blog post, I’m going to share with you some thoughts I’ve been mulling over during my first month as part of the Doculabs team.

In the online education space, my experience with information and content management was focused on the processes and tools required to develop and publish content to a very specific end user: learners. As you can imagine there are significant digital asset management (DAM) and document management challenges in that environment, requiring complex processes and technologies to provide a scalable solution. I learned a lot about process optimization and how to efficiently use certain technology products, but until I arrived at Doculabs, I wasn’t aware of just how much more existed in the enterprise content management (ECM) space. I’m guessing a lot of organizations out there might be coming to the same realization. Your web content management (WCM) systems and processes may be highly tuned, but how are you handling records management or document management? Or maybe you have a records management program firmly in place, but, as the volume of rich media files proliferates out on your servers, you’re struggling to understand and solve digital asset management. How are you managing your business processes and the technology solutions that serve them?

These are complex issues to solve – and some of these terms and ideas may be a bit new to you; I know they are for me. I’ll be exploring these topics in more detail over the coming months and hope to hear from others on how they navigate the complexities of Information Management from a process, best practices, and vendor perspective.

Some quick takes on other topics I’ll be exploring as I acclimate to Doculabs:

  • ECM and Strategy: I’m interested in how ECM and the various components that comprise it are part of an organization’s strategy. Is it an afterthought, or is it something that’s budgeted for at the last minute? Does it support an organization’s overall strategy? Or is successful ECM and information management the strategy an organization is pursuing? Where is your organization, and where should it be, in terms of how effectively it’s managing its information?
  • Consulting: I’ve been in various delivery roles in the past, but always as an entrenched resource for internal stakeholders. While many of the same principles apply to consulting for external customers, there are unique challenges and differences to navigate. I’m excited to learn new methods and frameworks for developing and delivering successful strategies to clients.

Finally, let me say I’m thrilled to have joined the Doculabs team. In the coming months, I’ll be sharing my experiences and thoughts on information management, strategy development, and consulting in general. And in the meantime, if there are resources out there that you’ve found useful in navigating the ECM and information management space, or if you have any insights of your own, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Rich Medina
Jim Polka
I’m a Principal Consultant. My expertise is in security-based information management and strategic deployment of ECM technologies.