SharePoint Migration: Addressing Broken Links

One of the biggest problems organizations face in migrating content to Microsoft SharePoint is the problem of broken links: the result when documents are moved and renamed, as is inevitably the case in a content migration. And the most common and problematic situation we see is when organizations are moving from multiple systems and practices, to SharePoint as their target repository.

Doculabs has developed a plan designed to significantly reduce the occurrence and impact of broken links, and, in some cases, to eliminate them.

Note that the changes required to address broken links impact a wide range of actors within an organization; basically, a mix of content coordinators, contributors, and consumers: content authors, site owners, application owners, deployment consultants, information workers, analysts, Ask-IT, testers – not to mention the consumer end users who search for, access, and retrieve documents, but do not perform any contributor or coordinator functions. Successfully addressing broken links requires the training of these various actors in processes designed to prevent or correct broken links. It also requires the compliance of these various actors, once these processes are in place.

Briefly, the plan Doculabs recommends consists of the following:

  • Proactive training: Training to prevent and reduce the occurrence of broken links
  • Proactive business processes: Proactive business processes to prevent broken links
  • Reactive business processes: Reactive business processes to correct broken links
  • Proactive and reactive tools: Tools to identify broken links reactively or proactively
  • Reactive tools: Tools to avoid or mitigate the impact of broken links

The table below outlines the kind of training and communications we recommend for each of the various classes of actors concerned with SharePoint content.


Rich Medina
Rich Medina
I’m a Principal Consultant and co-founder of Doculabs, and the resident expert in using ECM for information lifecycle management.