Product Conferences: Great Opportunities to Provide Input

I had a chance to meet with customers recently in Toronto during OpenText Enterprise World. All of them were excited to hear about product announcements and roadmaps to enable them to solidify their corporate planning processes.

I’d like to emphasize how critical it is for software suppliers to provide as much visibility into their product roadmaps and release schedules as possible. Our corporate clients typically have overly extended and inflexible planning horizons. Ask for money now, get funding next year. Begin preparing for an upgrade next year, make the change the following year. In that simple example, a change is three years away.

Back to the event. OpenText now has the broadest array of products in the information management market. Just about every client we advise has some investment in OpenText products. For that reason, clients need to make this an annual event. Attending gives clients opportunities to provide their input to product managers on priorities and requirements, and to hear what OpenText has planned and ensure their timelines are aligned.

And OpenText’s product managers are interested in your input, so speak up. OpenText acquired these companies and products to secure the customer bases. They don’t want to lose customers. Let them do their jobs – give them input on key capabilities – and more than likely your input will be incorporated into a future offering.

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Rich Medina
James Watson
I’m President and co-founder of Doculabs, serving as executive sponsor on consulting engagements for financial services clients.