OpenText Offers Update on Direction for xPression

Recently some of our clients have approached us with speculation that OpenText is planning to retire the xPression product line, asking for help to revisit their publishing platform roadmaps. There have always been questions about OpenText’s long range plans, given the redundancy of Exstream and xPression. However, we had a conversation with OpenText and their team stated that it is not planning to retire xPression.

OpenText Is Preparing to Release 4.7

On a call this week with the OpenText team, they reported that they are preparing to release xPression 4.7, which will be supported for the next five years. OpenText has scheduled a webinar for May 7th to present the roadmap for xPression. While the future is never certain, the release is great news if you’re an xPression customer.

Regardless of what CCM platform you’re currently on, if you suspect you’ll need to migrate in the next five years – you need to start planning now, because the costs will be significant.

You can read more about the costs here: How Huge is "Huge" When It Comes to Migration Costs?

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