Nobody Wants a Drill; They Want a Hole in the Wall

A wise man once said: Nobody wants a drill; they want a hole in the wall. And in no case is this more true than for information management. Yet more often than not, practitioners and organizations undertake information management for its own sake, as if it were an end in itself. Which makes it no surprise that, at many organizations, information management is seen as administrative overhead at best, and disconnected from the realities of business at worst.

Yet nothing could be further from the truth: Managing information assets is one of four core things all businesses do, along with managing financial assets, physical assets, and human assets. Never mind that organizations tend to be quite effective at the other three things and horrendous at information management; it’s still a core discipline that has profound and meaningful effects on all the fundamental business dynamics: revenue, costs, and margin.

All of this may come as a surprise to those of you who are well versed in the typical justifications for information management, which by and large have to do with net gains to productivity: i.e. time saved through better search, improved version control, reduced duplication and rework, etc. These “old saws” of information management business cases yield huge potential savings, e.g. X hours per week, times Y thousand employees, times Z dollars per hour fully loaded cost, times 52 weeks equals eye-popping savings in the millions (or tens of millions) – savings that no one will ever realize and no CFO will ever believe. But try to go beyond these intangible, deucedly difficult-to-quantify soft savings, and most information management practitioners will argue tooth and nail that you can’t find any direct business impact for information management.

At Doculabs, we disagree. (Respectfully, of course.) Which is why we’ve dedicated an entire panel session to Process Improvement Through Information Management at the upcoming DOCUMENT Strategy Forum, in Greenwich, Connecticut, May 12 through 14. The session brings together leaders from a range of industries to share how they’ve improved their core business processes (and impacted the bottom line) through better information management. Here’s the lineup:

  • Kebba Ceesay, McCormick Spices
  • Jackson Chin, Wells Fargo
  • Ankur Laroia, Noah Consulting

If you’d like more information about this session (and the conference as a whole), click here. We’re excited – and we’ll see you there!

Rich Medina
Joe Shepley
I’m VP and Practice Lead, focusing on developing Doculabs’ InfoSec practice and its applications in a wide range of industries.