Is Your Information Governance Too Much Like Marvel’s “Civil War”?

Those of us on the side of managing information effectively know it isn’t easy to convince those that don’t know or don’t care to join our team. Sometimes you need Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to help.

Enter the Marvel Civil War (Comic and Cinema) universe).

In the non-comic-nerd version, the Earth continues to get broken apart at the cost of millions of dollars every time the heroes swoop in to save the day. The government is getting tired of footing the bill as the bad guys keep making bigger problems and the costs go up. The last straw is a catastrophic fight amongst rookie heroes which ends up blowing up an elementary school. This very public destructive act pushes the government over the edge, and they decide that regulation of super heroes is needed. Iron Man – aka Tony Stark – agrees with the government and its enforcement division body (SHIELD) that training and education is required on how to be a super hero to protect property and people.

(Hmmn, sounds to me a lot like what records managers, compliance officers, and risk officers want are tasked with.)

But not everyone is on board. Captain America (aka Steve Rogers) thinks that the heroes don’t need regulation; that they should just get a thank-you and be allowed to do their jobs.  Bureaucrats are the problem, and if they weren’t running around making up rules and trying to control everything, then the business of “superhero-ing” would just take care of itself.

(Sounds like your business, and likely the view of many of the executives in a lot of other organizations, too.)

So what side are you on?

But the real solution is to not make it about sides. In every organization, there is a mission, and we each have a job to do, and we need to work together to achieve the best outcomes and save the citizens and defeat evil.

Want to be a hero? Don’t just go making more rules. Identify a process that your business users are struggling with. Show them how a little information management can help them improve search, speed the delivery of new products and services, or reduce overhead costs.

Doculabs’ Information Governance 2.0 Framework is designed to do just this, by bringing together the control functions with the business functions to present a unified approach to managing information for the benefit of the entire business.

Check out the framework in practice here.


Rich Medina
Rick Tucker
I’m Doculabs' VP of Sales and Marketing. I work with our consultants developing new services to meet the needs of Doculabs’ clients.