Information Management Basics at DSF ‘18

Information management and governance is a constantly changing field. Here, in the first two days of the conference, we’re producing a track and presenting sessions that cover the most up-to-date practices and real-world examples within the field!

The Information Management track at Document Strategy Forum (DSF ‘18), a peer-driven, peer-reviewed and peer-produced conference that focuses on how to deliver and manage customer communications, customer engagement and information management for a wide range of industries.

Between May 21 and May 23, Doculabs will be that peer, functioning as a co-programmer for DSF ’18. Several of our consultants—including Brian Johnson, Lane Severson, Jim Polka, Joe Shepley, Rick Tucker and James Watson—will be leading sessions at the Boston event in two of the DSF ’18 tracks: Information Management Basics and Hot Topics.

Here’s a preview of the “Information Management Basics” track and the takeaways from each session. On Monday, we posted a preview of the “Hot Topics” track, which Doculabs also is producing.

Information Management Basics: Monday, May 21

Monday, May 21, 9.30 am

Panel: Key Milestones to Hit for Your Information Management Strategy

If you’re struggling with your own strategy or looking how to deliver against challenges such as budget cuts or tightened timelines, then this session is for you. Hear from top industry leaders about their struggles and how they turned these into successes.

For a Doculabs blog post on “Why Benchmark Your Organization’s Content Management Maturity,” click here.

Monday, May 21, 10.30 am

Compliance Power Session (Part 1)

Tips, Tricks and Secret Hacks to Building an Effective Information Governance Program

Compliance is a straight-forward game. You’re either in compliance or you’re not. The trick is getting people to unknowingly care and support your governance program without realizing that they’re doing so. This session provides real world examples on how to successfully implement an information governance program.

To learn how Doculabs’ has helped build strong governance programs in more than 1,300 engagements, download our White Paper on “The Proactive Organization: Managing Information for Compliance.”

Monday, May 21, 11.30 am

Panel: Information Security in 2018 and Beyond:

How to Bring People, Process & Technology Together

The vast information scattered across your organization also happens to be one of the greatest risks your organization faces. How do you begin to get a handle on it all? Where do you begin?

Just thinking about all that could be on your shared drives is enough to make you realize there is a big problem that no one knows about. Hear how leaders in Healthcare tackle this problem with a three-pronged approach for superior information management that secures their most critical asset: information.

To learn more about other trends facing your industry read our blog post on “Four Information Security Trends in 2018,” click here.

Monday, May 21, 2.00 pm

Roundtable: Defensible Disposition 101:

Best Tips and Tricks

People keep things forever, so how can you have effective policies that prevent the unnecessary growth of data that isn’t relevant or on legal hold.  Learn how to effectively take ownership and dispose of your organizations content.

Click here to start to reading about this forward thinking approach: “Defensible Disposition in a Nutshell.”

Monday, May 21, 3.00 pm

Case Study—How to Sunset Your Outdated Applications

With the rise in data breaches, your weakest endpoints are old, unused and unsupported applications. Learn how to take the necessary steps to sunset your legacy applications.

Can’t wait until next week? Review Doculabs’ 6-blog series on application decommissioning. Here’s the last of the series.


Information Management Basics: Tuesday, May 22

Tuesday, May 22, 8.30 am

Tech Panel: The Future of ECM Technology

The consolidation of vendors in recent years has left the enterprise content management (ECM) marketplace in turmoil. Hear from top vendors on what the future holds and how they are attempting to align key enterprise agendas to deliver usable and relevant technology.

To prepare for this session, read our blog post on “A Look Ahead at ECM in 2018, from Both Vendor & Customer Sides.”

Tuesday, May 22, 9.30 am

Panel: How to Build a Content Management Center of Excellence

Managing today’s content is no longer a task that’s simply managed by the records manager. Records managers can’t do this by themselves. Organizations need to build and execute enterprise-wide programs, which are funded and supported from the top. Hear how these industry leaders have done this—and how you can begin to change the thinking about content within your own organization.

Tuesday, May 22, 10.30 am

Tech Panel: Moving Closer to Intelligent Capture:

Where Are We Headed?

Capture is an ever-changing field. Over the past few years the entire capture industry has grown dramatically. Learn how Artificial Intelligence (AI), handwriting extraction, and the integration of business processes and workflow generation together are changing capture.

Doculabs has a lot to say on these topics so click here to read our blog post, “What Capabilities Do You Need for Enterprise Capture?”

To read our blog post, “Setting up an Advanced Capture Operation? Don’t Use the ‘If Everyone Jumped off a Bridge Argument,” click here.


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