Hot Topics at Document Strategy Forum ‘18

Here are the hottest issues in document management and governance, all in a single three-day conference!

Document Strategy Forum (DSF ‘18) is a peer-driven, peer-reviewed and peer-produced conference that focuses on how to deliver and manage customer communications, customer engagement and information management for professionals in a wide range of industries.

Between May 21 and May 23, Doculabs will be that peer, functioning as a co-programmer for DSF ’18. Several of our consultants – including Brian Johnson, Lane Severson, Jim Polka, Joe Shepley, Rick Tucker and James Watson – will be presenting at the Boston event in two of the DSF ’18 tracks: Hot Topics and Information Management Basics.

Here’s a preview of the sessions in the “Hot Topics” track at DSF.

On Wednesday, we’ll post a preview of the sessions in the “Information Management Basics” track.

Hot Topics: Monday, May 21

Monday, May 21, 9.30 am

How to Use File Analytics

This session panel brings together four leading vendors in this space for a lively discussion on how to get the most out of file analytics technology and avoid the dreaded trap of "shelf-ware."

To learn more about the File Analytics process read the Doculabs’ blog post “Three Questions to Ask Before You Do a File Analytics Project”

Monday, May 21, 10.30 am

Compliance Power Session (Part 1)

Tips, Tricks and Secret Hacks to Building an Effective Information Governance Program

Compliance is a straight-forward game. You’re either in compliance or you’re not. The trick is getting people to unknowingly care and support your governance program without realizing that they’re doing so. This session provides real world examples on how to successfully implement an information governance program.

To learn how Doculabs’s has helped build strong governance programs in more than 1,300 engagements, read our blog post on “The Proactive Organization: Managing Information for Compliance.”

Monday, May 21, 11.30 am

Compliance Power Session (Part 2)

The Regulation Effect: A Run Down of the Top Regulatory Changes You Need to Know About

Ensuring regulatory compliance at your company can feel like a full-time job. With an endless list of regulations to worry about, it’s time you take a breather and listen to how these leaders from Financial Services and Healthcare manage and overcome the challenges they—and you—face every day.

Monday, May 21, 2.00 pm

Roundtable: What’s Next for GDPR?

Lessons Learned and the Future of Data Privacy

To mark the go-live deadline for GDPR compliance at the end of this week, we need to look at what the future holds. It’s not just a matter that GDPR is finally here. Hear what Doculabs’ CEO James Watson has to say about GDPR and how data privacy is changing everything.

Click here to read one of several Doculabs’ posts on GDPR.

Monday, May 21, 3.00 pm

Case Study—How to Sunset Your Outdated Applications

With the rise in data breaches, your weakest endpoints are old, unused and unsupported applications. Learn how to take the necessary steps to sunset your legacy applications.

Can’t wait until next week? Review Doculabs’ 6-blog series on application decommissioning from these posts. Here's the last of the series.

Hot Topics: Tuesday, May 22

Tuesday, May 22, 8.30 am

Roundtable: Digital Transformation in Action

Improving Business Processes in the Real World

Your current processes may have been built around old, inefficient technologies. Learn what Digital Transformation really looks like with real-world examples and how you can begin to position your organization to achieve its “digital” goals.

To preview issues relating to Digital Transformation, read the following Doculabs’ blog.

Tuesday, May 22, 9.30 am

Tech Panel: Cloud Wars

Top Trends in Cloud Content Management for 2018

Untie yourself from your on-premise constraints and hear what these "cloud-first" entrants are doing to enable their Content Management strategies and deliver the working experience employees crave.

Tuesday, May 22, 10.30 am

Panel: Robotic Process Automation in Real Life

How Far Are We?

Tired of doing the same thing over and over again? Learn how to automate routine tasks without the added cost of full-scale business process management (BPM) or enterprise workflow solutions. How?  By simply RPA. Join us to learn more.

For more on RPA read the following Doculabs blog.

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Brian Johnson
I’m Doculabs' Midwest Area Sales Manager.