Five for Friday – WFH and Workflow, Insurance and the Cloud, and Digitization

4.16.21. five for friday imageNeither process execution or digitization are new topics. Both have been elevated and increasingly implement because of the pandemic. While overdue, after all, capture has been delivering solid ROI to companies for over 30 years, digitization and process automation efforts will deliver solid returns for businesses. 

Our five posts today begin with an overview of process excellence findings from Celonis research, moves onto an insurance company’s journey to cloud infrastructure, and wraps with three different looks at digitization challenges and benefits. Enjoy. And have a great weekend. 

Process Excellence Insights: Learnings From 500+ Process Leaders 

While not a new concept, process excellence (driven in part by Celonis and process mining) is having a moment in the sun. Hopefully, this will be a very long “moment.”  

Recent Celonis research reveals four things about process excellence today: 

  1. The Process Center of Excellence is here to stay 
  2. Process leaders have a seat at the highest table 
  3. Process mining fuels process discovery and improvement 
  4. Your process excellence opportunity lies in adopting an outcomes-first approach. 

Read the blog, with a link to download the research, here 

The Hartford Global Specialty Executes Total Cloud Migration 

When The Hartford (Hartford) acquired Navigator’s group in May 2019, it faced the usual data center consolidation imperative as it added the company’s specialty lines and reinsurance business to the existing commercial, personal and group benefits units in its Global Specialty division. The carrier undertook a consolidation initiative to simultaneously drive a new cloud operating model for the enterprise, migrating more than 100 applications, 16 services and 6 databases into the cloud within nine months. The initiative, recognized by Aite-Novarica Group’s (Boston) Impact Award, enabled the retirement of three data centers, saving 10 to 15 percent in infrastructure costs. 

Read more about Hartford’s cloud journey here. 

Office, Hybrid, or Home? 

While this article is focused on the UK (and government), the lessons apply to any business – how to continue operations in a hybrid work environment. The answer has been digitization efforts (removing paper from business processes) and automating workflows.  

“A plethora of technology platforms and tools made it possible for government employees to transition from the office to a work-from-home set-up, and to continue to work as productively at home as they did in the office. However, while technology is certainly an enabler for workforce productivity and mobile collaboration, it is important to get a sense for how this trend will drive the future of work.” 

Read the complete article here. 

The Unplanned Remote Work Explosion and M-19-21 – Eight Lessons Learned 

Another piece on digitization, this one related to the U.S. Federal Government’s mandate to digitize all records as NARA will no longer accept paper records (the original deadline was this year, it may be extended). 

As agencies grappled with WFH enablement, the volume of digital records exploded. While this short post is extracted from a longer interview (viewable on YouTube Catching up with M-19-21 Deadlines After COVID) with Dan Simmons, GSA, and Mark Patrick from the Joint Staff, the challenges and lessons extend beyond government into the private sector.  

  1. Remote work replicates records too easily; we need to discern “official” copies and holding locations. 
  2. Digitization has transformed the meaning of analog and born-digital assets 
  3. We need to identify and enforce acceptable and sustainable formats. 
  4. New process controls are needed 
  5.  Put preparation of paper records to go to Washington National Records Center (M-19-21) on hold since NARA could not receive them 
  6. Quickly launched MS Teams throughout DoD with the specific caveat that it was not a system of record and that further preservation would need to be handled manually 
  7. Launched unclassified version of tasking system to support telework. 
  8. Accelerated our transition to DoD365 

Read more here. 

For the Love of Paper – Cautionary Tales 

Let’s end today’s Five for Friday with another look at digitization; especially as the coastal regions of the country are bracing for a hopefully less active than last year hurricane season. 

Business continuity relies on access to a business’ files. When those files are destroyed by water or fire, or even just inaccessible due to a disaster, manual processes stop. The advice here isn’t new – digitize and automate – but that doesn’t make it less valuable. 

“Hurricane. When Hurricane Sandy came through New York in 2012, Miriam Linna, founder of the magazine Kicks, the Norton Record label, and the Kicks Books imprint, lost “about a quarter of a million records, all of their files and the Kicks Books inventory,” according to an article in The New Yorker. “Thousands of books dissolved into nothing,” Linna said in the article.” 

Read the rest of the cautionary tales, and suggestions to avoid becoming one, here.  




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