Five for Friday - The Ransomware Problem, Finding Content, and How to Scale Automated Processes

4.16.21. five for friday imageYou’re not paranoid if they’re really out to get you. Cybercriminals are really out to get you (and me, and your competitors, and your family, everyone is a potential victim).  

Our first of two ransomware articles in today’s post does a good job of explaining the ransomware industry and providing a few statistics that are fairly frightening. The second explains a potential solution to the problem of being locked out of your data using indelible cloud storage.  

We wrap with a look at non-technical elements of execution management success, a whitepaper that offers useful insights into scaling process automation successfully, and a second whitepaper that looks into the issues every business has of being able to find and use the information it has stored in multiple drives and repositories.  

Happy reading and Happy Friday.

The Importance of Cybersecurity for MSPs 

This is an interesting, quick overview of the dangers of cybercriminals, especially ransomware, for any business. The description of the parallel universe that cybercriminals operate in is fascinating: 

"DarkSide and the other players in the cybercriminal industry operate just like any ordinary business would. They have employees, set monthly and quarterly goals, compete with other companies over customers, form strategic partnerships with other organizations, and care about their reputation. They have websites, advertise their products and services, and post job listings for open positions in the organization. They even claim to donate a portion of their proceeds to charitable organizations (although those organizations have reportedly given back the funds). Cybercrime organizations walk and talk like just any ordinary business. In fact, there may not be many differences between a given cybercriminal organization and your company, aside from which side of the law you play on (although I doubt they pay taxes, at least not to the IRS)." 

Read the complete article here. 

How Indelible Cloud Storage Could Solve the Ransomware Problem 

Even with data backups, you’re always at risk of losing your data to a ransomware attack – even if you pay the criminals off. When backups are also hacked, companies are essentially at the mercy of the attackers. A new technology from Rubrik could be a potential solution. From the article: 

  • Rubrik's cloud data-storage and management technology offers immutable storage, which means that data can't be changed by any external force after it has been written to the storage service. 
  • Rubrik introduced new immutable storage services in May pitched directly at businesses worried about ransomware, focusing not just on immutability but on making the recovery process easier. 

Read the blog post here. 

Execution Excellence: The 5 Key Disciplines 

Sometimes, it’s useful to be reminded that the human side of execution excellence is as (arguably even more) important than the technology. Here are the five key disciplines: 

  1. Setting a clear team vision 
  2. Quality, regular meetings 
  3. Measure what matters [Note: process mining can, of course, play an important role here] 
  4. Assemble the right team 
  5. Creat accountability 

Read the blog post here.  

Scaling Process Automation at Your Company 

This whitepaper from workflow provider Camunda provides a very good high-level overview of automating processes throughout a company. 

One of their key takeaways: 

"If you want a company-wide platform, don’t start with a company-wide platform!" 

Attempting to “go big” from the beginning leads to struggles and failure to implement successfully. While a little slanted in favor of open source (Camunda is an open-source platform), the advice on steps and getting started is solid. 

Get a copy of the whitepaper here (free, but you need to fill in a form) 

How to Gain Insight Into ALL of Your Information 

While we have devoted time and effort to devlope our process mining expertise, we still have our finger on the pulse of the ECM industry. Finding information quickly remains a business challenge, especially in light of the exponential explosion of information (see last week’s Five for Friday for more.  

This short whitepaper, written by Kevin Crain of AIIM and sponsored by ShinyDocs, provides an interesting perspective on the challenge of accessing and then using all of the information an organization stores.  

From the report:  

"We create roughly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. On top of that, enterprise organizations have, on average, five distinct information repositories or content databases, often with years of legacy data packed away. And that is not counting the many file shares, business applications, and personal computer drives that contain hidden and overlooked information." 

You can download a copy here.  

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