Five for Friday: Intelligent Process Automation, 4 Cloud Trends, and Celonis Improves Process Mining Security

4.16.21. five for friday imageIntelligent automation or intelligent process automation is one of the IT buzzwords of the day. However, even though, in some ways, it's a relabeling of existing document capture and workflow tools with RPA/AI added, doesn't mean it's a trend to ignore. The opposite is, in fact, true. The two articles on intelligent process automation provide insights into this increasingly important technology segment. 

We round out our five posts for this Friday with a look at Celonis and security, cloud trends for unstructured data management, and a look back to our roots in consulting -- the first step of many automation projects is digitizing paper documents.

The Quest for End-to-End Intelligent Automation

The business quest to automate manual processes isn’t new. Punch cards, document capture,workflow/BPM, and now RPA and process mining are all part of the ongoing need to get work done faster. The promise of the tools today is that it’s increasingly easier (though not easy) to make automation a reality.

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The Future Is Both Automated and Intelligent

A second article focused on intelligent automation. It echoes a few of the points in the story above and ends on a sentence companies should take to heart: “What are we waiting for?”

“Intelligent Automation (IA) is one of the trending buzzwords of our times. What makes automation smart? Is it new? Why the renewed focus? Bill Gates believed automation to be a double-edged sword when he said: "Automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. ... Automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency. IA lies at the intersection of robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) and business process management (BPM).”

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Celonis Is the First Process Mining Vendor to Achieve SOC 2 Type 2 Security Accreditation

As cybercrime continues to increase, companies need to take a comprehensive look at securing the data. From the blog:

"What SOC 2 offers is a standard for the assessment and testing of controls related to system architecture, data flow and processes. It has two parts. Back in August last year we published a blog post on how Celonis had achieved SOC 2 Type 1 attestation. The Type 1 audit assesses the design of our controls and provides objective proof that Celonis has established processes to safeguard customers’ valuable business data. That’s massively important because data is the catalyst for digital transformation and optimizing your business processes is the key to unlock the value from this data."

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4 Emerging Cloud Trends Transforming Unstructured Data Management

While this piece is in Government Computer News and focused on government examples, the trends apply to any industry:

  1. Transition from on-premises to multiple cloud options
  2. Common data repository for unstructured data management
  3. Leverage infrastructure as code to automate DevOps activities
  4. Securing cloud networks through a zero-trust approach

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For the Love of Paper – Cautionary Tales

A useful reminder that automation can’t happen with a reliance on paper documents and that access to documents (and work) in a work from home world is reliant on those documents being digital. This quick overview of how a disaster can wipe out corporate memory if that memory is paper-based is a good argument for embarking on a digitization strategy.

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