Doculabs Announces Doculabs Development to Expand Technical Capabilities

Doculabs grows its digital advisory services to help companies accelerate transformations and deliver results.

businessman hand working with new modern computer and business strategy as conceptMay 5th, 2021 – Chicago - Doculabs, a strategic consulting firm specializing in process optimization and information management, today announced the creation of Doculabs Development, an affiliate program with the goal to expand the technical capabilities and offerings of the firm.

“As we grow our services into the creation of solutions for process automation, we know that having a great bench of resources is pivotal to our ongoing success,” said Doculabs President and founder James Watson. The formation of Doculabs Development is the direct result of Doculabs’ strategy to bring new digital accelerators, technologies, and technical capabilities to Doculabs clients.

Doculabs is also excited to announce it has selected Bombus for its first affiliate company to be part of Doculabs Development. Bombus has strong development skills set in key automation technologies like Pega, Camunda, Appian, UiPath, Automation Anywhere, and Celonis. Customers will realize value quickly, having more efficient software development and the ability to integrate multiple technologies based on Doculabs strategic advice. Bombus is also working to build its own low-code platform that facilitates end-to-end process orchestration, integrating automated and human steps and creating single process view for business to manage full process lifecycle. 

As clients go through their digital transformations, they are asking Doculabs to grow with them. As a company Doculabs is not only continuing to expand the expertise of our team but also are actively looking for new affiliates and strategic partnerships with software companies. 

Marty Pavlik, Practice Leader for Doculabs Development, said “The formation of Doculabs Development is essential to Doculabs journey and is a direct result of our goal to continually improve on the excellent client service we deliver. Having worked with Bombus significantly already makes the formation of this affiliate program a great first step toward delivering more value to our clients. By bringing our strong domain experience in process optimization together with Bombus’ technical skills, we will allow our customers to not only act on our advice but also help them execute.” 

If you would like to get more information on Doculabs Development or sign up as an affiliate please contact for more information.

About Bombus

Bombus is a software product and service company focused on business process transformation and automation. We have over 20+ years of cumulative experience in the area of business process management and process transformation and deep expertise in key technology areas such as BPM, RPA, OCR, and ML.  At Bombus, our mission is to help our clients build their business processes faster, cheaper and better. We strive for accuracy, usability, and simplicity in everything we do.

Rich Medina
Doculabs consultants offer in-depth expertise in information management and information security across a number of industries, including financial services, insurance, energy, manufacturing, and life sciences. Our recommendations are based on our experience and empirical data from hundreds of consulting engagements over more than 25 years. As trusted advisors, we provide our clients recommendations that are completely objective.