Digital Transformation Predictions for 2019

Subject matter experts Lane Severson and Rich Medina offer predictions and recommendations for digital transformation in 2019:

  1. Shift in focus toward the ROI (return-on-investment) of digital transformation
  2. Honing in on which processes are best suited for digital transformation
  3. Increasing frequency of advanced digital transformation initiatives
  4. An increasingly centralized, enterprise-level approach to digital transformation

Shift in Focus Toward ROI

Digital transformation metrics should focus on internal ROI, which comes from a focus on reducing both cycle time and back-office operations costs even more than focusing on the customer experience.

Honing in on Processes Best Suited for Digital Transformation

Focus 2019 efforts on processes that are well-positioned for digital transformation, such as:
  • User experience
  • Information and process management (ECM, RPAs, case management, business process management)
  • Digital transformation infrastructure (cloud, security, identity, migration, integration, artificial intelligence, machine learning
  • Business services (advanced capture, advanced vertical financial services)

Increasing Frequency of Advanced Digital Transformation Initiatives

Moderate transformation makes existing processes more efficient, whereas advanced transformation eliminates paper at the start of a process (electronic signatures and electronic forms).

Increasingly Centralized, Enterprise-level Approach to Digital Transformation

Rather than a decentralized approach, think of digital transformation for the whole organization. It should be systemized and centralized, leveraging robotic process automation (RPA), e-forms and content services. 

In order to take an enterprise-wide approach you'll need a plan that lays out what to do, and when. But don't ignore the wins from the earlier decentralized approach as the approach evolves. Leverage digital transformation successes that may have come from shadow IT initiatives.

The Seven Roadblocks to Digital Transformation and eForms

Rich Medina
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