Video: How to Clean Up File Shares

Cleaning up file shares can reduce information risk. But what's the right process for tackling your file share cleanup? Doculabs Practice Leader Joe Shepley explains how to clean up file shares in this video post.

The three steps to clean up file shares are get rid of ROT, tackle sensitive information, and deal with key records.

Step 1: Get rid of Redundant, Obsolete, and Trivial (ROT) information.

Step 2: Tackle sensitive information

Step 3: Deal with key records in the enterprise

The first two steps—get rid of ROT and tackling sensitive information—can bring the volume of data down 70 percent or more.

You then can more easily tackle the third step, dealing with key records (like POs and contracts) where you'll need end-user input.

Rich Medina
Joe Shepley
I’m VP and Practice Lead, focusing on developing Doculabs’ InfoSec practice and its applications in a wide range of industries.