Case Study: High-Tech Manufacturer

A diversified technology and manufacturing organization sought to define its IT product management function, leveraging its collaborative innovation processes to put in place a proactive and future-focused approach to IT infrastructure. The goal was to move toward a customer-focused, service-oriented model for IT.

The Work

Doculabs assisted the client in building an actionable strategy that synchronized existing efforts across a number of parallel work streams, with new transformational initiatives designed to fill existing gaps and evolve the client’s IT organization. Doculabs worked with the client’s IT group to define roles and processes for IT product management and to establish a product documentation and OEM channel customer support library. 

The Results

Coupled with the client’s existing self-service portal, the initial $12 million investment, with annual operating expenses of approximately $4 million, allowed the client’s organization to reduce product management costs by 1.5 percent, yielding $15 million in savings over 4 years.

Of the $12 million in initial investment, more than $3.5 million was anticipated in vendor licensing costs. Doculabs provided access to peer-group benchmark pricing data that enabled the client to negotiate an additional $1.5 in licensing cost reduction.

Doculabs’ fee for the project was $180,000.


Rich Medina
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