Case Study: Consumer Goods Manufacturer

A global manufacturer of consumer goods sought to implement a world-wide collaboration portal and research repository for product development. Information was not well organized in existing repositories across the global locations, preventing efficient and effective search and resulting in $1.2 million in annual expense for redundant market research and consumer marketing studies.

The Work

Initially, the client had planned to implement separate system instances and indexing taxonomies in each of its geographic regions, which would have nearly doubled expected costs. Doculabs proposed a plan that defined a common deployment approach and a universal information architecture, then worked with the client to develop a customized, weekly-detail deployment roadmap outlining the tasks and associated milestones required for a successful implementation of the portal across the organization, including ECM program assistance, change management planning, and integrator selection assistance.

The Results

Implementation of the recommendations required an initial investment of $740,000 and an additional $250,000 annually for the 3 years the portal has been in production. The approach recommended by Doculabs saved the client $660,000 on the initial implementation and $105,000 in annual expenses, for a total savings of $880,000.

Doculabs’ fee for the project was $325,000.


Rich Medina
Doculabs consultants offer in-depth expertise in information management and information security across a number of industries, including financial services, insurance, energy, manufacturing, and life sciences. Our recommendations are based on our experience and empirical data from hundreds of consulting engagements over more than 25 years. As trusted advisors, we provide our clients recommendations that are completely objective.