Camundacon 2020 - Next Generation Process Management Session Summary

I had the opportunity to participate in Camunda’s fall world-wide user conference Camundacon. I co-presented with Stephen Donovan from Fidelity Investments, a customer of ours. Our session focused on engaging business people to help them create a vision for “next generation process management.” The issues and ideas included:

  • Enabling citizen developers (business people with technical aptitude) to create low-code solutions
  • Quantifying benefits in terms of productivity impacts, customer experience benefits (via net promoter scores), and reduced manual compliance oversight
  • Taking advantage of the most promising advanced capabilities within the Camunda platform

Next, we discussed the significant challenges enterprises face when migrating from older workflow systems to modern solutions like Camunda. For most, there are 1,000s of legacy processes in production, many not well understood nor documented. What are the best techniques to assess the migration effort? First recognize that there is an upfront assessment of each process before migration:

  • Is the current process well designed or does it need to be re-engineered? Can the process be moved “as-is?” Is there an opportunity to use process mining capabilities to assess the health of a process?
  • Is the process a duplicate of other processes, perhaps with lightly different terminology or task names? Is there an opportunity for consolidation?
  • Can the process be eliminated altogether? Remember the inventory of processes typically grows year over year, as new ideas are tried, new types of exceptions are introduced, etc. Are there workflows that have fewer than 50 -100 items per year? Can we eliminate these processes and use general exception queues rather than unique queues for every type of exception?

We wrapped up the session with a discussion of process automation versus task automation. For process automation and orchestration, tools like Camunda should be leveraged, while for task automation, robotic process automation tools can be leveraged. 

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Rich Medina
James Watson
I’m President and co-founder of Doculabs, serving as executive sponsor on consulting engagements for financial services clients.