Building an Effective Information Management Program

For organizations trying to improve how they manage information, one of the most difficult challenges is to develop a sustainable information management program. Without one, information management quickly becomes an IT thing – because they own the technology that manages the information; or a records management thing – because they own the retention schedule; or a legal thing – because they’re responsible for managing the legal risk associated with information; or a facilities thing – because they own the management of the boxes physical records are stored in. And what information management never becomes is a business thing, because they usually don’t have any idea what it is – yet they’re often the most important stakeholder of all.

Developing a sustainable information management program is a challenge for a number of reasons. In the first place, just getting leadership to acknowledge that a program is needed can be difficult; more often than not, they see it as administrative overhead or a needless bureaucratic layer, rather than a key enabler of information management. Once you get beyond that, you face the additional challenge that many of the key stakeholders feel either that information management has nothing to do with them or that it has everything to do with them (and therefore no one else needs to be involved). But even if you get leadership on board and gather a team of stakeholders, you still need to design and build out the program: charter, operating model, org structure and alignment with other decision making bodies, roles and responsibilities, etc.

All of which is why we’re dedicating a panel session to program building at the upcoming DOCUMENT Strategy Forum in Greenwich, Connecticut, May 12 – 14. Information Management Program Design and Implementation brings together the following information management program leaders to talk about how they’ve built information management programs at their organizations, what’s worked and what hasn’t, and give you practical, tangible advice you can take back to your organization to move information management forward:

  • Lauren Barnes, Vice President, Credit Suisse
  • Bruce Berberich, Records and Information Management Leader, GE Capital
  • Jess Harman, Records Management, Phillips 66
  • Gabe Martinez, Senior Manager, Records and Information Management, Cisco Systems

To learn more about the conference, which brings together leaders from across all industries to share their experiences and expertise with information management, click here. We’d love to see you there!

Rich Medina
Joe Shepley
I’m VP and Practice Lead, focusing on developing Doculabs’ InfoSec practice and its applications in a wide range of industries.