Why Benchmark Your Organization’s Content Management Maturity?


Many of our clients recognize the significant investment they have made in content management systems across their enterprises. By now, most of them have a vast number of ECM applications that rely on content systems to store and retrieve information – often upwards of 30 percent of their entire application portfolio.  Finally, because these content systems house business-critical (and in many cases private) customer information, the organizations that support these systems must be top-notch.

But what is topnotch?  What is best-in-class?  Which organization is the benchmark for these systems?

For 15 years, Doculabs has been benchmarking the maturity of organizations’ ability to leverage content management capabilities.  Our assessment criteria include the processes to gather requirements and develop applications, the chargeback model used, the governance, the organization of content and meta data – in total, we look at approximately 30 discrete aspects that we believe are essential to developing top-notch content management capabilities.

In our experience, first and foremost, leading organizations are those that have benefited from consistent (and considerable) investment in those content systems, year over year for at least 5 years.  Yes, you need to spend money to be good.

Second is the consistency and tenure of the staff on the various teams supporting the content applications.  Good people in any discipline are key, and it’s no different with content management.

Finally, top organizations set specific goals and don’t get distracted.  Prioritization and focus on improving certain capabilities and processes yield demonstrable benefits to specific business processes.

For many organizations that aim high within their respective industries, benchmarking is an important milestone and measurement of progress.  As one would expect, we find strengths and challenges in every organization we benchmark, but the process itself helps set the priorities for where the organization will put its future investment.

Rich Medina
James Watson
I’m President and co-founder of Doculabs, serving as executive sponsor on consulting engagements for financial services clients.