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Rick Tucker

Rick Tucker
I’m Doculabs' VP of Sales and Marketing. I work with our consultants developing new services to meet the needs of Doculabs’ clients.

What You Should Do Now to Minimize Future Operations Disruption for your Workforce (and Could Have Done Before COVID-19)

For most of our clients COVID -19 is not just a health crisis. It is also a test of business continuity and ability for employees to work effectively from anywhere – which has proven that many... […]

What if your workforce was distributed overnight?

Never are the holes in an organization's program more exposed then when an unplanned crisis occurs, such as public health crises, natural disasters, cyber outages, etc. Recently, because of the... […]

Video: Doculabs' SharePoint and Workplace Collaboration Practice

Doculabs’ VP Rick Tucker provides an overview of our services in SharePoint and workplace collaboration, along with some very good reasons why you should engage us to help you put these technologies... […]

The Internet of Things Information Management

Will the Internet of Things (IOT) ever take over the business? Yeah, sure…well, maybe…so probably not. […]

Video: Digital Duplication

How do you optimize the customer experience across channels that include paper, email, web, mobile, tablet? Answer: Optimize content delivery via information architecture, for smarter information... […]

Is Your Information Governance Too Much Like Marvel’s “Civil War”?

Those of us on the side of managing information effectively know it isn’t easy to convince those that don’t know or don’t care to join our team. Sometimes you need Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to help. […]

Is Your ECM ELA Killing Your Innovation?

Those of us who know the content and document management market spaces have lived through a number of software buying waves. The early stages were focused on buying one-off solutions for image... […]

Using Boundaries to Drive Success as a Software Vendor in the Cloud

Yesterday, I attended the 2014 Box World Tour event in Chicago. I attended the event 3 years ago, and at that time, I was among 20 or 30 people at the event. Box was new and exciting back then, but... […]