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Matt McClelland

Matt McClelland
I’m a Principal Consultant at Doculabs, with expertise in file analytics, taxonomy, litigation research, and enterprise search.

Developing Goals & Requirements for a Successful Content Cleanup Project

Recently I've noticed many organizations are undertaking major content cleanup efforts, but most don’t know where or how to start. There’s a lot of fear that these large efforts won’t be as... […]

Office 365 Licensing for Information Governance

Information formation governance has unique needs for enterprise content management software, including analytics, reporting, and monitoring. While Microsoft Office 365 is rapidly becoming the... […]

Six Information Security Trends in 2019: Focus on Government, Cloud, eDiscovery, Reputational Risk, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

The last two years have been pretty rough on organizations when it comes to information security. As a result of last year’s very large, visible breaches—and the year-long focus on GDPR—chief... […]

How Information Governance Improves Patient Outcomes

In Part 1 of this two-part series, Benefits of Information Governance in Healthcare, I focused on how healthcare providers can manage, and thus protect, patient information. Part two presented here... […]

Why You May Need to Clean Up Files After an Office 365 Migration

You may need to clean up your files after an Office 365 migration. That’s because many of you migrated your Outlook and other on-premise files and folders to Microsoft Office 365 relatively quickly. […]

Benefits of Information Governance in Healthcare

The threat from hackers, along with other cyber security threats, can compromise consumer, patient and other critical data. Healthcare, like every sector of our economy, has been under pressure to... […]

Data in the Testing and Development Environment—An Overlooked Information Security Risk

The testing and development environments are an overlooked information security risk. When it comes to information management and governance, we tend to focus instead on business production... […]

People Hold the Keys to a Successful Office 365 Migration

Too often organizations don’t plan properly for a migration to Microsoft Office 365. They don’t plan for potential pitfalls. So what are the keys to a successful Office 365 migration? […]

InfoSec in 2018: Becoming More Proactive

Every year seems to bring still more news about information security breaches. From Equifax to Intercontinental Hotels to Verizon, 2017 may well become known as the year that lived in InfoSec infamy. […]

Information Governance Is Really Econ 101

For many businesses, the hardest part of information governance is flipping the switch when it comes to deletion. That’s not surprising, because there’s one driver of the keep-or-delete story that... […]