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Lane Severson

Lane Severson
I’m a Practice Leader, managing relationships with Doculabs’ West Coast clients to improve information management and security.

Will Digital Transformation Destroy the Concept of Content?

Digital Transformation redefines the concept of content. What does it mean when you apply Digital Transformation to the content management space? You may be shocked, but one of the most important... […]

Why Steve Jobs Was Wrong about Consulting

Steve Jobs was famous for panning the consulting industry. He wasn't always right. There are lots of consultants that provide value to their clients. […]

Can You Execute Your ECM Strategy on Box?

Box is making headways as an enterprise ECM system. Everyone knows that Box isn’t just a sync and share system. We also know that most organizations use and own more than one ECM system. […]

When Cleaning Network Drives, Avoid an Information Architecture Disaster

When cleaning up network drives, you'll need to organize documents into a new environment. The problem is too many companies end up creating an information architecture disaster. […]

A Look Ahead at ECM in 2018, from Both the Vendor and Customer Sides

What do Doculabs consultants do in early December, when their flight back to O'Hare is delayed? […]

Video: The Evolution of ECM

We’ve come a long way from the days of just digitizing paper documents. Lane Severson on how the ability to extract the data from those digitized documents is streamlining the most document-intensive... […]

Survey Snapshot: What’s Real and What’s Hype in Digital Transformation?

After years of “mobile-this” and “cloud-that,” IT marketers have switched to talking about digital transformation. […]

The Digital Transformation “Tunnel Vision” Problem

This is the final post in my series looking at factors that have kept financial services organizations from creating more TurboTax-like experiences for their customers. (For an overview of the entire... […]

Digital Transformation Shakes Up Enterprise Content Management Priorities

A version of this post originally appeared on CMSWire. […]