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Joe Fenner

Joe Fenner
I’m VP of Consulting. I oversee Doculabs’ delivery team and consulting practice, as well as leading numerous client engagements.

Overcoming Obstacles to Forms Simplification and Digitization

We’ve been helping a number of clients recently in modernizing their approach to forms and data capture – think paper or PDF forms in which a customer enters data to provide instructions or authorize... […]

Outsourcing Your Document Capture Process? Ten Types of Requirements to Define Upfront

In recent months, we’ve had the opportunity to work with several financial services firms that are moving forward on strategies to use outsourced service providers to digitize and automate their... […]

Minimizing Risk through Information Management Program Execution

In many of the organizations we work with today, the model for records and information management (RIM) is highly distributed. Usually there is a centralized RIM function, but too often it plays only... […]

Moving Email to the Cloud? What About Your Archives? (Part 2)

By Joe Fenner […]

Moving Email to the Cloud? What About Your Archives? (Part 1)

By Joe Fenner […]

Three Reasons to Upgrade Your Customer Communications Management Environment

Over the past few years, we've seen many clients neglect their customer communications management (CCM) environment. These clients have fallen several versions behind when it comes to CCM solutions.... […]

Forming a Shared Service for ECM? Five Tips for Developing an Effective Model

Many of the clients we work with have distributed IT organizations, with specific IT groups dedicated to the individual lines of business they serve. From an enterprise content management (ECM)... […]