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Jeff Phillips

Jeff Phillips
I’m a Principal Consultant, specializing in strategies for using ECM tools such as Microsoft Office 365 for information management.

Office 365: Controlling the Uncontrollable

In my previous post, "Office 365 and the Speed of Migration,"  I provided examples of how the myriad of applications within Office 365 introduce new complexity into the lives of your end... […]

Office 365 Functional Overlap with Collaboration Tools

In a previous post, When It Comes to Office 365, Look Before You Leap, I shared my surprise at the growing number of Doculabs consulting clients that have committed to an enterprise migration to... […]

When It Comes to Office 365, Look Before You Leap

It’s an exciting time in the enterprise information management business. As the decline of Big ECM continues and organizations focus upon their digital transformation initiatives, Doculabs is... […]

Knowledge Management (KM): It’s No Longer Meaningful

Now, before a bunch of you pull out the pitchforks and light the torches, hear us out. […]

Compliance, the Cloud, and Crazy Talk

As a Doculabs consultant for 13 years, I’ve seen many organizations struggle to contain the exploding glut of content and information we create and store every day. It’s most apparent in regulated... […]