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James Watson

James Watson
I’m President and co-founder of Doculabs, serving as executive sponsor on consulting engagements for financial services clients.

Product Conferences: Great Opportunities to Provide Input

I had a chance to meet with customers recently in Toronto during OpenText Enterprise World. All of them were excited to hear about product announcements and roadmaps to enable them to solidify their... […]

How to Manage Big Data

When it comes to managing big data, there are two competing schools of thought. One says that you should put all the information in a data lake, so you can magically find all these patterns to better... […]

How Huge is “Huge” When It Comes to CCM Migration Costs?

Migration and conversion to a new publishing or customer communications management (CCM) platform can be very expensive for most organizations. […]

OpenText Offers Update on Direction for xPression

Recently some of our clients have approached us with speculation that OpenText is planning to retire the xPression product line, asking for help to revisit their publishing platform roadmaps. There... […]

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Success Stories

Doculabs hosted its third robotic process automation (RPA) summit a little earlier this year. The good news is that we now see several early RPA adopters succeeding with their efforts. […]

Building an IT Collaboration Strategy for Agile Environments

Nearly all of our clients have adopted Agile methods. Some experiment with Agile processes within IT, others are re-orienting their organizations to embrace Agile methods. Whatever the approach,... […]

The Back Office and the Digitization Myth

Is the back-office being ignored when there's a push towards digital transformation? It shouldn't be. […]

IBM Think 2018 Preview: Automating Content Services

As IBM prepares to host thousands of customers, partners and prospects at IBM Think 2018 in Las Vegas, we can’t help but be impressed that the company finally is getting its content management act... […]

Video: What to Do With Abandoned Data

Abandoned, or "orphaned" data, is content sitting out on public shares that has no owners. It might be associated with a department that no longer exists, or an individual that no longer works for... […]

Video: 2017 - Changes in the ECM Marketplace

What happened in the ECM marketplace in 2017? James Watson highlights four major developments in ECM, along with the implications for how they affect organizations using ECM technologies now and into... […]