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Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson
I’m Doculabs' Midwest Area Sales Manager.

When You Should Hire a Consultant

Data – whether structured or unstructured – is the most important asset for any business. Whether you decide to handle your information management project with internal resources or hire an outside... […]

Information Management Practices in the Energy and Utilities Sectors—The Core Principles

A solid, integrated information management and information security plan is essential to help utility and energy companies overcome competitive obstacles, grow and succeed. […]

Information Management Basics at DSF ‘18

Information management and governance is a constantly changing field. Here, in the first two days of the conference, we’re producing a track and presenting sessions that cover the most up-to-date... […]

Hot Topics at Document Strategy Forum ‘18

Here are the hottest issues in document management and governance, all in a single three-day conference! […]

Video: Information Governance Lessons from Facebook and Cambridge Analytica

What the Facebook Cambridge Analytica breach teaches us about information governance. The breach of 50 million Facebook user records serves as a warning to all business. […]

Facebook’s Failure and How that Relates to GDPR

We all felt disgusted and disturbed when we learned our Facebook user data could have been harvested to target specific political audiences in the last U.S. presidential election. Sadly, this breach... […]

U.S. Privacy Regulations: The Other Reason to Get Ready for GDPR

As multinational companies begin to implement General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards before the May 25, 2018, deadline, it’s worth examining the historical context which led to GDPR and... […]

Information Security, Information Management, and How to Clean Up Your Data: Part 2

Doculabs recommends a five-step process for how to use information management to bolster your information security. Remember: The goal is to eliminate redundant, obsolete, and trivial information... […]

Security, Information Management, and How to Clean Up Your Data: Part 1

In a previous blog post, I outlined the relationship between information security and information management, making the case that there’s a direct correlation between how well you manage your data... […]

Information Security and the Business Value of Cleaning Up Your Data

Every organization cares about security. At the same time, every organization cares about being able to find, and to easily make use of, the information assets being protected by that security. […]