5 for Friday: Process Mining and Digital Transformation

4.16.21. five for friday imageLike everyone, we read widely to continually learn about technology and business trends.

Here are five articles and blog posts that caught our attention this week.

IBM Buys Process Mining Software Company myInvenio

IBM adds to the functionality of its Cloud Pak for Business Automation, which already includes RPA, document processing, workflows, and additional process automation capabilities.

Interestingly, this comes on the heels of IBM’s announcement of a partnership to work with Celonis earlier this month. IBM is currently saying that they will continue working with Celonis.

This is another sign of consolidation in the automation space (SAP bought Signavio, https://www.signavio.com/products/process-intelligence/a cloud-based business process automation startup whose suite includes process mining, in January) as capture, workflow, and RPA vendors continue to merge.

For more details, see the article in Techcrunch or read the original release from IBM here.

Digital Transformation in Insurance

In this interview with Ian Macartney of Argo Group, a specialty insurer/reinsurer, Insurance Innovation Reporter discusses how the pandemic sped up their digital transformation.

Insurance Innovation Reporter: How did Argo react to the pandemic from an operational perspective in 2020? 

Ian Macartney, Head of Innovation and Digital, Argo Group: When I took over operations, we quickly recognized we needed to do a bit more work on our BPO side. We have a large vendor in India and, I spent quite a bit of time in January there. When the pandemic struck, whether through luck or fortitude, we quickly got ourselves in shape ready for a full-scale lockdown because we could see some things coming. In fact, we had done some prior work during the 60 to 90 days prior to the lockdowns. In the event, we were able to be remote within two weeks, with 200 people in India working with laptops at a time when many large institutions in India were struggling to find laptops.

Read the interview.

The Evolving Workplace and the Continuing Impact of Covid

A lot is being written about how the workplace will evolve after the pandemic (assuming we ever get to an “after”). This article, Year One AC: How the Digital Workplace is Evolving Post-Coronavirus, includes a few interesting observations:

  1. Social distancing in the workplace will continue
  2. People will continue to work from home – or at least want to – even as many want to return to the office. Every company will need to figure out their balance of enabling digital transformation technology (cloud-based ECM, process automation, and collaboration will be key here) as well as new workplace norms for this hybrid environment.
  3. Change management will be critical. Change management has always been a critical, and often overlooked, piece of the success of any new technology implementation. As employees adapt to both new workplace rules and technology, helping employees manage this change will play a central role for the companies that do this successfully.


Processes Need to Link to Relevant Content

This article caught our attention because of it’s partial focus on insurance claims management (which we have an app for). It also provides a good overview of both the need for optimizing processes and ensuring relevant content is a part of those process.

“These strategic imperatives, coupled with the perpetual need to boost cost efficiency, productivity, and compliance, are a major motivator for enterprise digital transformation initiatives today.

Yet, unless business processes and supporting content are managed in a seamlessly interlinked and intelligent way, it can be difficult for organizations to deliver the desired outcomes.”

Click here to read Delivering Measurable Outcomes from Digital Transformation

And last, but not least . . .

Doculabs Launches App to Accelerate Workflow Migrations

Of course we’re interested in this one! We’re grateful that Celonis shared the announcement about our workflow process migration app.

You can read it here.

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