5 for Friday: WFH, CIOs Talk Cloud, Copiers, and AIIM Research

4.16.21. five for friday imageWe have an interesting mix of articles for you this Friday. An interesting look at the impact ignoring your copiers can have on your information governance. A roundtable of CIOs talk about the cloud and have insights about how to use it for business. Two pieces look at different aspects of returning to work and long-term work from home strategies. 


CIO Think Tank Roadmap Report: Setting the Multi-Cloud Agenda

The PDF download of this report contains good conversation and recommendations for “selecting, provisioning, and maintaining multiple clouds for maximum business and IT benefit.”

Multi-cloud is so new and evolving so quickly that the panel participants were not in universal agreement about its definition. Yet a consensus emerged: Multi-cloud has evolved to embrace not just multiple public IaaS (infrastructure as a service) and PaaS (platform as a service) clouds, but also private, on-premises clouds. The only substantive disagreement was whether SaaS (software a service) should also be included; most thought it should be.

All 30 participating IT leaders were in the financial industry, where security, availability, and regulatory compliance are paramount. 

Read the intro here and download the PDF (it’s free).

Are We Ever Going Back to Cube Farms?

There have been quite a few of these research reports in the past six months that indicate a desire for at least a hybrid work environment. This one is focused on Gen Z and Millennials further reinforces workers’ desire to keep some of the better work/life balanced made possible by the pandemic.

Many companies are shifting in this direction. This shift to a more permanent work from home environment will continue to boost software vendors who enable automation and collaboration.

Read the article here.

Don’t Let Employees Pick Their WFH Days

To piggyback on the article above, this piece from the Harvard Business Review contains some interesting stats about WHO wants to work from home as well as a suggestion to try to prevent cliques of employees who work at different times from developing.

The author’s research shows that 70% of firms, “from tiny companies to massive multinationals like Google, Citi, and HSBC, plan to move to some form of hybrid working.” There are also two extremes of workers:

  • 32% never want to work in the office
  • 21% want to return to working in the office

Read the article here.

Information Governance: Don’t Forget Your Copiers

In addition to being gaping security holes if not included in a security plan, copiers (multifunction printers or multifunction devices, both are used to describe them) can also throw a wrench into your IG policies and practices if not included. Often overlooked, today’s copiers are essentially computers, often with hard drives that save the information printed, scanned, faxed, or copied on them. Here are a few quick, simple ideas to ensure your information on these devices is included in an overall strategy.

Read Where Is Your Content Hiding. 

The State of the Intelligent Information Management Industry – New Report From AIIM

An interesting report from AIIM regarding the adoption of technology, including process automation, capture, content services, etc. The pandemic was a boon to companies in the ECM space, especially cloud-based products. This report includes some interesting tidbits, including that the C-suite continues to fail to align business and technology strategies effectively.

From the AIIM site: “2021 is shaping up as a year of opportunity for many organizations in building out their information management strategies. The long-term trends driving information chaos – increasing volumes and varieties of information – continue to accelerate. Add to this the massive and immediate shift to remote working in 2020. In many ways, the year was a trial by fire for digital transformation readiness. How prepared was your organization?”

Download the free report (form fill required) here


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