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5 for Friday: Process Mining and Digital Transformation

Like everyone, we read widely to continually learn about technology and business trends. Here are five articles and blog posts that caught our attention this week. IBM Buys Process Mining Software... […]

Demystifying Process Management and Automation Technologies: A Quick Guide

This white paper describes the different types of process management and automation solutions and some of the more common use cases for each type of solution. It also outlines where to most... […]

The Doculabs Workflow Process Migration App Is Here

April 13th, 2021 – Chicago - Doculabs, a strategic consulting firm specializing in process and information management, today announced the release of its Workflow Process Migration App built on the... […]

Essential Guidance to Create an Enterprise Automation Strategy

Your organization likely has a mix of tools for collaboration, document workflow, business process management (BPM), and possibly case management. Many organizations are facing the challenge of how... […]

Process Mining: You Have the Data, Start Understanding Your Business Processes ASAP

You’ve all heard the saying “Can’t see the forest for the trees.” With so much system data available today, it’s easy to either become distracted by everything you CAN measure or being unsure that... […]

How to Quickly Measure a Process' Health to Determine What Migration Method to Use

Before migrating workflows, you will need to know the “health” of each one. This post explains how to use process mining to categorize your organization’s workflows into one of four migration... […]

How the Doculabs Workflow Process Migration Solution Accelerates Your Migration

Those who have been involved in a workflow process migration project understand how much of a grind it is. It takes years of effort and millions of dollars to identify and then migrate existing... […]

Workflow Process Migration Explained – and Why Process Mining Creates Faster Time to Value

Migrating business processes routinely costs large businesses tens of millions of dollars. The cost of avoiding migration is also high – lost customers from poorly designed customer experiences to... […]

5-Point Checklist to Optimize Insurance Claims Processes With Process Mining

Every insurance company could benefit from further streamlining their claims process. P&C insurers often spend up to 80% of total premiums on claims processing and payout. Traditional approaches to... […]

How to Overcome the Seven Roadblocks to Digital Transformation and Eforms

Introduction: Why Can’t Our Transactions Be More Like a TurboTax?  Ever wonder why your firm is still juggling paper forms or online PDF documents to process its transactions with customers? ... […]